Company Overview

MJ Marketing is a full-service marketing, public relations and special event planning company
specializing in retail, travel and real estate investment accounts. The company is firmly committed to
working with clients offering products and services of very high quality and reputation. MJ Marketing is
extremely focused on a dedication to providing clients with an exceptionally high quality of service. The
reputation of the company is of the utmost importance and we maintain excellent professional and personal
relationships with key individuals in select industries, public office, the media and other fields directly
related to achieving exceptionally successful results for our clients.

A key component to the success of the company is our commitment to keeping our client base
select and limited to a handful of clients at any given time to whom we devote all of our time and energy.
MJ Marketing strives to build lasting relationships with each of its clients and is dedicated to learning as
much as possible about the products and services of each client in order to offer comprehensive and
knowledgeable representation on behalf of each company. Our philosophy of devoting ourselves to longterm
relationships and working with select clients results in our complete dedication to achieving the
goals set forward in our working relationship and ultimately having as positive as possible impact on our
clients business.

The company prides itself on a focused appreciation of the quality and reputation of each of its
clients products. MJ Marketing values at all times the integrity of the products and companies we represent.
We are at all times mindful and respect the importance of representing each client and its products
with precision and care; adhering to the language, philosophy, and standards set forth by their corporate